Adenosine is a natural ingredient used in a lot of skincare to restore and soothe skin. It can also help to keep skin looking young.

Derivatives of adenosine are found throughout nature, and it is naturally produced human body too. The adenosine in skincare products is made using yeast. It’s often found in products for mature skin as it can decrease the appearance of fine lines by smoothing the surface of the complexion.

Adenosine can even help stimulate collagen production, another aid to keeping skin youthful.

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Use adenosine for…

• Preventing and minimising fine lines

• Soothing skin

• Help restore skin from damage

• Help hydration and elasticity

Where can I use adenosine in my skincare routine?

Adenosine can be found in lots of moisturisers and eye creams, as well as some face masks. As this is a soothing, hydrating ingredient, you can easily add it to your routine.

You can also add multiple products to your regimen that all contain adenosine if you find that it helps your skin concerns.

What to look for on product labels…

The typical concentration of adenosine in products is 0.01% - 0.1% as it is very strong. This percentage will still bring lots of benefits.

This means you’ll typically find it towards the bottom of ingredient lists. Usually you’d be looking for products with your active at the top of the list but here you can just look for ones that list adenosine at all, or formulas that are advertised as including it.

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