Centella Asiatica

An ingredient that’s growing in popularity in South Korea, centella asiatica is a herb that grows mostly in Asia. Also known as ‘cica’ when it’s included in skincare, the herb’s extract has gained its place in skincare because of its soothing effects.

The plant has antioxidant properties and is also a source of amino acids, making it a good hydrating ingredient for irritated skin.

You can also add it to your routine as one of a few layers of hydrating ingredients if your skin is on the drier side or dehydrates easily.

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Use centella asiatica for…

• Hydrating the skin

• Strengthening the moisture barrier

• Calming inflammation and irritation

• Keeping skin supple to prevent fine lines

Where can I use centella asiatica in my skincare routine?

This is an easy ingredient to introduce into your routine. It’s very gentle and works well in the moisturising and hydrating stages of most people’s skincare.

If you have dry skin, you might want to try starting with a moisturiser that champions centella asiatica. Alternatively, if you have more oily skin, a hydrating toner that includes the plant extract might work best.

If you suffer from dehydration, then you might want to try a serum with a higher concentration of centella asiatica to really get its benefits.

What to look for on product labels…

Centella asiatica is also called cica, but it will usually be listed as its Latin name, centella asiatica.

It’s been used in lots of products in small quantities to add antioxidant and hydrating power, but if you really want the full benefits of this ingredient, go for formulas that feature it and have it high up the ingredient list.

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