Peptides have been taking the skincare world by storm for the last few years, and more and more research is showing their benefits for the skin.

Peptides are parts of proteins, made up of amino acids. They naturally occur in our skin, and they contribute to the skin staying firm as well as fighting against the appearance of fine lines. Different peptides work in different ways.

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Use peptides for…

• Keeping skin moisturised

• Maintaining a strong skin barrier

• Fighting the appearance of fine lines

Where do I use peptides in my skincare routine?

Peptides are beginning to turn up in lots of different skincare products and the range is ever-expanding. Go with a choice that suits your skin type.

If your skin is on the dryer side, you could try a moisturiser that includes peptides, as they are a great addition to an emollient. For normal/ oily skin types, lighter choices like peptide serums might be better. It’s usually recommended to go for products including a mix of peptides as they each work in different ways to help your skin.

What to look for on product labels…

You might find amino acids listed on labels, or individual peptides such as copper peptide or matrixyl. It can be confusing to look for peptide formulas, as there are so many peptides that might turn up on ingredients lists.

By doing a little research however, you can find a product that really adds a powerful step to your regimen and protects your skin in a variety of ways.

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