Snail Filtrate

You might be surprised to learn that snail slime is good for your skin — but it’s a brilliant skincare ingredient. Snail filtrate has been used in South Korean skincare products for a while, and the trend has made its way to other places too.

The filtrate most commonly used in cosmetics is a type that snails produce to protect their skin. It contains many great ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, elastin, antioxidants, proteins and peptides.

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Use snail filtrate for…

• Smoothing fine lines

• Aiding the healing of acne

• Moisturising and protecting the skin

• Keeping skin smooth and soft

Where do I use snail filtrate in my skincare routine?

As snail filtrate continues to grow in popularity, more and more products are appearing with it as an active ingredient. Serums and face masks are common choices as they offer high concentrations of the active ingredient and really bring a powerful amount of benefits to the skin.

You might also choose a moisturiser with snail filtrate to maximise the moisturising and smoothing properties of this ingredient.

What to look for on product labels…

Other names for snail filtrate that you might see on ingredients lists are snail mucin and snail extract. Check the concentration of this ingredient in the formula however, to make sure you’re really getting the right product for your needs.

Always choose a product where the snail filtrate is one of the top ingredients as otherwise, the concentration might be very low even though it’s advertised as a ‘snail’ product.

Snail filtrate is a very gentle ingredient, so shouldn’t cause issues for many when introducing it into a regimen — as always introduce gradually however, so you can check for any allergies.

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