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Evy is a revolutionary Swedish sunscreen company. Their formulas are patented and unique, and provide up to six hours of protection from the sun.

Their mousse sunscreen forms a protective barrier that makes the skin’s natural defences better. Whereas lots of sunscreens stay on the surface of the skin, Evy formulas spread through the top layer of the skin.

Whether you swim, dry yourself with a towel, or sweat, Evy sunscreen doesn’t rub off after it has soaked in. This means you get long-lasting protection from UV rays.

Evy skincare is specially developed for sensitive skin types — though it is also suitable for other types. These products are great for those with sun eczema or sun allergies, and have been recommended by the Vitiligo Association.

If your skin struggles to tolerate conventional sunscreen, Evy is a great alternative because it is gentle, yet still effective. These sunscreens also offer the maximum UVA protection as well as good UVB protection so you can go out in the summer sun and prevent fine lines.

Products to try…

If you’re looking to add a sunscreen to your skincare regimen, the Evy SPF30 Sunscreen Mousse is a great start. It’s neither sticky, nor shiny, and can be used on your face or body, depending where you need protection.

The mousse is also safe for use around your eyes, and leaves no white residue when you apply it. With vitamin C added, it also counteracts the sun’s damaging effects on the skin.

If you want greater protection, you can also try the SPF50 Sunscreen Mousse. Having a great sunscreen in your skincare regime really makes a difference to the brightness and youthfulness of your complexion.

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