Ho Karan

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Ho Karan is a company dedicate to producing natural, calming skincare using Breton cannabis. In their laboratory, they work with agronomists and doctors to develop skincare that uses all parts of the hemp plant.

The ratio of antioxidants and omega 3s in hemp oil gives it detoxifying, regenerating and revitalising properties. This means that hemp can be used to make skincare for a variety of skin types and issues — such as dry skin, mature skin, and tiredness or dehydration issues.

Ho Karan also favour local production, materials that are kinder to the planet, and eco-friendly packaging. They have even redesigned their packaging with the Good Planet Foundation to reduce their carbon footprint.

As well as this, Ho Karan donate 1% of their turnover to associations working to protect the environment. These include Les Colibris, a movement working on ways of living that respect nature.

The fragrances of Ho Karan products was developed for the brand by a perfumer. It is a unique blend of essential oils and therefore 100% natural, as well as giving a nice fragrance.

For those who are concerned — Ho Karan products do not contain the THC (the psychoactive cannabis molecule) and therefore have no psychoactive effects.

Products to try…

All skin types can try the Invisible Moisturising Shield, a moisturiser enriched with cannabis sativa (hemp) oil. The rejuvenation properties of this product help your skin glow and aid dehydration and uneven skin tone.

For dullness, oiliness and dehydration, try The High Oil. This oil will relieve skin tone and texture, and calm tired and dehydrated skin. It is also rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, so will moisturise the skin. You can also use this oil on your hair as it has a non-greasy texture and a nice scent too.

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