Skin & Tonic

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Skin & Tonic is a pared-back skincare range that reduces sensitivities in skin and supports its health.

Their products are made with no more than seven natural ingredients so you can trust what you’re including in your regimen.

The founder of Skin & Tonic came to learn about skincare when she found out that many common skincare products contain endocrine disruptors, irritants and other harsh ingredients. She retrained in skincare formulation so she could create her own line that was gentle, pared-back, and effective without being harmful.

Skin & Tonic believes that less is more, that the ingredients in their products should be pure, and that ethics and sustainability should be at the forefront of their brand.

Their products are handmade in small batches, and the company uses certified Soil Association organic ingredients. They are also free from synthetic preservatives, silicones, alcohols that might dry out your skin, SLS, MIT or dyes.

Skin and Tonic is also cruelty free, and their packaging is made from recycled materials.

Products to try…

If your concerns include dehydration, dullness, and keeping skin youthful, try out the Coco Mask. It will soothe any inflammation in your skin, and leave it dewy and glowing. The coconut milk powder helps heal the skin, and kaolin clay detoxifies without being harsh.

To target oiliness and acne, go for the lightweight Detox Beauty Oil. It contains jojoba, watermelon seed, bergamot and black cumin oils. These are all ideal for combination skin, and help reduce blemishes and balance sebum production.

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