Dr. PAWPAW was founded in 2013 and they focus on multipurpose products that everyone in the family can use. Their first product was a multipurpose skin balm, that could be used on skin, lips and hair.

As well as being multipurpose, Dr. PAWPAW products are made out of 98% natural ingredients, and are also cruelty free and vegan.

Because Dr. PAWPAW products are multipurpose, you only need one tube on your counter instead of multiple packages, meaning a happier planet.

All their tubes are 100% recyclable and the ingredients in these products are sustainably sourced. Everything is also manufactured in the UK.

Products to try…

A big favourite is the Original Lip Balm, which contains aloe and olive fruit oil, as well as the core ingredient pawpaw, which has healing properties. As well as being a great moisturising lip balm, this balm can be used on burns, rashes and other irritations.

If you want to make your moisturising more glamorous, you can grab the tinted Tinted Peach Pink Balm or the Tinted Ultimate Red Balm.

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