Mad Hippie

Mad Hippie is a brand built on the principle that natural skincare can be just as effective as traditional chemicals. Their products are effective, whilst being safe and natural.

This brand incorporates a lot of ingredients into their formulations — they use everything from konjac root and blackcurrant seed oil to reishi mushroom extract and cloudberry extract. They also use peptides, vitamin A, C and E.

Mad Hippie also combine different ageing ingredients to make their products really effective at preventing fine lines and sun damage.

As well as their effectiveness, Mad Hippie are well-known for being a mostly vegan, totally cruelty-free, and environmentally conscious brand.

Their philosophy is also about creating skincare without hurting the environment — including donating $1 from every sale to The Wildlife Conservation Network.

Products to try…

One of Mad Hippie’s most famous products is their Face Cream. Suitable for all skin types, this cream is moisturising, packed with antioxidants, and has 13 different active ingredients in it that all hydrate the skin.

If you’re looking to improve sun damage in your skin, or fine lines, their Vitamin A Serum is a great choice. It contains a new form of vitamin A that causes less irritation to the skin than retinol. This makes this serum particularly good for people looking to tackle damage in their skin, but who are worried about their skin being too sensitive for retinol.

Lastly, their Vitamin C Serum is another great choice for sensitive skin types. It uses ascorbyl phosphate, a more stable form of vitamin C than l-asorbic acid which is more common in products. This means it is less irritating and harsh on the skin — so if you want the benefits of vitamin C but in a gentle product, this is perfect for you.

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