Korean 10-Step Routine

You may have heard about the Korean 10-Step Routine - a skincare routine with up to ten steps to maximise your skin's health and appearance - but do you know what each product does, and in what order to use them all?

Here, we break it down for you...

Oil Cleanser

Begin with removing tough makeup and binding impurities. The oil-based cleanser helps to more easily remove tough chemicals and products.

Foaming Cleanser/ Cleansing Gels

With a water base, foam and gel cleansers will remove any residual sweat and dirt from the skin. This two-step cleansing process ensures removal of all type of impurities from the skin.


Remove dead cells which sit on the surface of the skin and can make it look dull. Removing these cells prevents pore blockage and blemishes.  These could be physical exfoliators, such as sponges and cloths or products containing glycolic acidsalicylic acidlactic acid etc.


After cleansing and exfoliation, treat your skin to a tone that restores pH balance, hydrates and allows other products to be more easily absorbed into the skin.


As the second layer of moisture in the process, an essence to suit your skin type will help to hydrate and facilitate cell regeneration.


Whatever your skin problem, there’s a serum, ampoule or booster with an active ingredient to address the concern, from redness and large pores to wrinkles and pigmentation.

Sheet Mask

One of the best-known products in the process, sheet masks are serum soaked and packed with great ingredients. There are loads of choices to meet all skin types and price-points.

Eye Cream

A key product for age prevention, eye cream is designed specifically to moisturise the delicate eye area, where fine lines might appear. Make sure you apply gently, using the ring finger.


Also referred to as the occlusive layer which seals in the previous layers, these products offer a final injection of moisture into your skin and seal in all of those wonderful ingredients.

Sunscreen is vital for protecting your skin from harmful UV rays and slowing the skin ageing process. Ensure that SPF skin protection is a daily addition to your routine.

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