Protection Guide

After applying relevant treatment products, third and final stage in your skincare routine is to protect your skin.


Moisturising is a vital step for nearly everyone's skin routine - very few people won't benefit from applying an appropriate moisturiser to their face and neck each day and night. As with all skincare products - look for one designed for your skin type, and for extra benefits, choose one with beneficial active ingredients for any issues you're looking to correct.

Facial Oil

Facial oils play a vital role in hydrating and nourishing your skin and strengthening its barrier. They can be applied after a moisturiser (once it has fully absorbed) or you can mix a few drops into the moisturiser and apply as one - great to save time in the morning.

Sun Protection

One of the most important - and most commonly overlooked - skincare steps is to apply UV protection. If it's not dark, even if it's overcast and cloudy, the sun's UV rays will damage your skin without adequate protection. Sun protection should be applied every day and reapplied regularly, in line with the manufacturer's recommendations.


Used either for an instant hit of moisture - either during your skincare routine, or periodically throughout the day - or to set makeup, mists have exploded in popularity recently. Primarily used to hydrate the skin, mists increasingly contain active ingredients to fight other skin concerns too.

Lip Care

It's fairly obvious by just looking, but the skin on your lips is different to your face and neck. Lips require attention to stay healthy and looking their best, especially after having been in harsh weather conditions. Lip care should be applied in the morning to provide a barrier between your lips and the elements, reapplied throughout the day as required, and applied in the evening to help the lips heal overnight.

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