Coconut Oil

You might have heard of coconut oil being used in skincare, as it’s quite a common ingredient in many products. But have you ever thought about why it’s so beneficial, or what it can do for your skin?

Coconut oil contains many fatty acids that are great for your complexion, such as capric acid, lauric acid, palmitic acid and myristic acid. These acids make coconut oil effective for helping many skin issues.

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Use coconut oil for…

• Moisturising the skin as an emollient

• Soothing irritated or dry skin

• To protect skin from pollution with antioxidants

• Prevent fine lines by replenishing skin’s fatty acids

Where do I use coconut oil in my skincare routine?

There are many skincare products to choose from if you want to include coconut oil in your skincare routine. It is a common ingredient in moisturisers, face oils, cleansers and cleansing oils, soaps and many other choices.

If your skin is dryer, try a moisturiser with coconut oil, but if you have a normal/oilier skin type you might find a face oil that uses coconut is a good addition to your regimen. Coconut oil is easily introduced into a routine as it is suitable even for sensitive skin, unless you have an allergy.

What to look for on product labels…

Coconut oil is a widely used ingredient in skincare and is usually easy to find on product labels, though you might find that the fatty acids have been isolated so it can be worth checking for things such as lauric acid and palmitic acid.

The main thing to consider when shopping for coconut oil products is whether they will be too heavy for your skin type — and if you go for a cleansing oil, it can be useful to do a double cleanse, and use a non-oil cleanser after the oil. This way, the oil takes away any pollution, and the non-oil cleanser cleans the skin of any remaining oil.

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